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Every diocese in the Church of England has a link with another diocese in the Anglican Communion. Since 1972, we have been linked with the Episcopal Church of Sudan, and since 2011 with the Episcopal Churches of Sudan and South Sudan.


Report on Activities of the Ezo-Sherborne Partnership for Sherborne Deanery Synod Meeting on 17/7/23

Bishop Isaac and Nora of Ezo Diocese, South Sudan send greetings to all congregations and individuals in Sherborne Deanery. They wish to share several updates: -

1) While life has been terrible for people living in Khartoum, Sudan, because of the fighting between military groups, this has, thankfully, had rather little impact in Ezo Diocese. Some people, previously living in Sudan, have entered South Sudan, but these are mostly looked after by communities on the Sudan/South Sudan borders.

2) Nora has contributed to the newly formed Anglican Health and community Network. This aims to provide clergy and communities, globally throughout the Anglican Communion, with information on how they can promote “Good Health”, by prevention activities and increasing access to appropriate treatment. Nora has contributed a video clip within the most recent theme of “Child and Adolescent Health”. To access it – visit:- Then scroll down to the bottom of the page to “Newsletter” and Click on “Download in English”. This brings the Newsletter up. Scroll down and click on her greeting to listen.

3) The money from the Ezo Christmas 2022 Appeal – for the ECSS Masumbu Primary School – has now been used for purchase of farming implements, seeds, fertiliser and clearing of the 4-acre site now designated for growing food for the daily “Free School Meals” at the school – for over 700 pupils.

The children are being involved in the production of the food. Some of the money sent was also used for the purchase of cloth for shirts for the children – this has been enormously popular and has resulted in a sense of increased pride at attending the school.

4) Bishop Isaac and clergy have been busy with running outreach church programmes for children and young people and organising marriage and relationship courses for > 40 couples recently.

5) The Camps for Internally Displaced People (IDP) near Ezo Town contain many families who have been displaced as a result of conflict elsewhere in South Sudan. They have little opportunity for work and relief agencies (including the World Food Programme) now have reduced funds for their support. As a result of a “Collection in memory of a much loved mother”, by a family in Sherborne Deanery, money was sent for purchase of a grinding mill which is enabling groups of poor women in the IDP Camps to earn an income to feed their families.

6) The Ezo-Sherborne Partnership Team is enormously grateful for and encouraged by the interest and support given by churches and individuals in Sherborne Deanery but wishes to work to increase engagement. A new “Communications Work Plan” is being developed. Suggestions from churches and individuals in Sherborne Deanery on how to achieve improved communication are welcome please.

7) Additional Funding for Ezo Diocese, was achieved by a wonderful, well-attended concert by “Dogs without Collars” (including Rev. Graham Perryman- in great form!). If you have suggestions for activities or requests for information – please email this link. Thanks so much.


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