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       Being with, listening to and supporting


                  farming and rural people in their daily lives


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We, as rural Chaplains, work with all sorts of problems, such as isolation, rural poverty, problems with TB, health issues and many more.

We don't just help with farming matters, but with rural issues generally.

Did you know that farming has the highest suicide rate of any male occupation in the U.K.?

Did you also know that around 56% of rural folk have issues brought on just by living where they do?

Talk to one of our Rural Chaplains now - we may well be able to help, or at least put you in touch with the right person to help you.

The Deanery Chaplaincy exists to:

 *'Be with and listening to farming and rural people in their daily lives'.

 *To help combat the effects of isolation and address rural disadvantage and poverty.

 *To help, encourage and support those farms experiencing losses through TB or other disease.

 *To aim to improve services in rural areas by where possible supporting community development.

 *To challenge and inform those in positions of authority, particularly statutory service providers, of major issues affecting the quality of life in rural areas.

Remember our phone no:         01963 23570

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