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Parishes in the Team

Cattistock, East Chelborough, West Chelborough, Chilfrome, Corscombe, Evershot, Frome St Quintin, Frome Vauchurch, Halstock, Maiden Newton, Melbury Bubb, Melbury Osmond with Melbury Sampford, Rampisham, Toller Fratrum and Wraxall. 

Team Rector: 

Tim Greenslade

Tim and Lucy moved to Maiden Newton in September 2016 after 17 years of ministry at St John’s Church, Weymouth. Much of our time was spent at St John’s but we were heavily involved with the life of the wider team of Radipole and Melcombe Regis. We  also worked with colleagues across the denominations in Weymouth and Portland. Lucy teaches at Weymouth College, and we have three daughters in their twenties. We long for God’s people to grow in their love for and faith in the Lord Jesus and we seek to make the living Lord Jesus known to those who are uncertain who he is.


The Vicarage
Tollerford Lane
Higher Frome Vauchurch
Dorset DT2 0AT
tel: 01300 748675

Team Vicar:

Assistant Curate (OLM):
Rev'd Linda Wilcock
6 Mulberry Orchard, Cattistock,
Dorchester, DT2 0JA
01300 321112

Mr Paul Rendell
Chiseldon Cottage, Pine Close, Corscombe,
Dorchester, DT2 0PF
01935 891741

Licensed Lay Minister Melbury Team

Licensed Lay Minister:
Mrs Janet Danks,
Orchard Lea, Meads Close, Melbury Osmond, Dorchester, DT2 0LS
01935 83757

Melbury Team Office
Denise Dobbs & Marie Walmsley,
c/o Rectory House,
2 Fore Street Evershot,
tel: (01935) 83213

Regular events

Church Sunday Lunch

Location TBC

Sunday lunch will be available for church members on a monthly basis at the Chalk & Cheese, Maiden Newton, 12.30pm for 1.00pm. This will be a two course roast lunch at a cost of £10. This will be a good chance for church members to meet in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Please check back for future dates.

Coffee House

Every Saturday at 10:00 am | St Mary's, Maiden Newton

Every Saturday morning 10-11.30am. Coffee and chat in the church.


1st Wednesday at 2:30 pm | Webber's Piece

The first Wednesday of every month, 2.30pm, Webbers Piece, DT2 0AQ.


Various locations

Bible study groups, silence group and prayer groups are held in various homes and churches across the benefice.
• West Corscombe, Tuesdays 7.30pm. For more info call Paul on 01935 891741.
• Halstock, Thursday (f/n) 7.30pm. For more info call Liz and Tony on 01935 891898.
• Evershot, 2nd Friday, 12.00pm. For more information call Rosemary on 01935 83562.
• Melbury Osmond, Thursday (f/n) 7.30pm. For more information call Janet on 01935 83757.
• Maiden Newton, Thursday (f/n) 11.00am. For more information call Linda on 01300 321112.
• Cattistock, Thursday (f/n) 9.30am. For more information call Nicky on 01300 320671.
• Team Housegroup ('Silence'). 4th Monday, 5pm. For more information call Helen Perris on 01935 891515.

Lunch Hour

3rd Wednesday at 12:15 pm | Maiden Newton Village Hall

Meal with tea/coffee. 12.15pm on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. £3 in the Village Hall.

Refresh Woman's group

Every Friday at 9:15 am | Maiden Newton

Refresh is a group of women with children who meet together regularly to support each other, study the Bible, pray and explore faith together. Some would not call themselves Christians, some have recently become Christians and some are rediscovering a faith that they once had or would like to develop further.

Groups meet once a month in the evening and also on a Friday morning with a more informal drop-in format. For the first two years we met every week but since a number of the group have gone back to work we now meet in the evening.

There are about 10 of us who meet regularly but more who drop in from time to time. At the moment we are using The Pilgrim Course as a basis for discussion.

Shed Talk

Most Wednesdays at 7:15 pm | The Fox @ Corscome

Discussion Group for Men meets, most Wednesdays, at a local Pub for a pint, a meal and a discussion of a wide range of issues in the Christian faith.



The Parish Churches

The descriptions below are taken from The Dorset Historic Churches website.
Please click on the links provided for fuller information



St. Peter & St. Paul, Cattistock
Listed in Simon Jenkins' "England's Thousand Best Churches"
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.






St. James, East Chelborough
"St. James' is one of those Dorset churches which is awkward to find, but well worth the effort. This one is buried away at the end of a very long drive and adjacent to a private house."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.





St. Andrew, West Chelborough
"This is a delightful little church in an equally charming village."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.




Holy Trinity, Chilfrome
"Chilfrome is a delightful little hamlet set amidst water meadows. There is no intrusion by modern buildings, almost as if all development ceased in 19c."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.





St. Mary, Corscombe
"There has been a church in this delightful setting since, at least 1315...."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.





St. Osmund, Evershot
"Evershot is one of those intriguing settlements that seem too large to be a village yet really too small to be called a town.......At the higher end of the road, overlooking the houses, the church has been placed for all to see."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.




St. Mary, Frome St. Quintin
"This must be almost unique in Dorset because the church is in the corner of a field with no road access to it."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.



St. Francis, Frome Vauchurch
"The church is placed end-on to the road so that the little bell turret is the first thing that greets one. It is surrounded by a surprisingly large churchyard containing an impressive sundial."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.




St. Mary, Halstock
"This is a very interesting country church built from local rubble..... The nave is to the design of the celebrated Victorian architect, Augustus Pugin..... ."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.

St.Juthware Festival goings-on...




St. Mary, Maiden Newton
"Maiden Newton is hardly a town yet is almost too large to be called a village and its splendid medieval church reflects this slightly superior status."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.




St. Mary the Virgin, Melbury Bubb
"The little church lies at the base of Bubb Down next to a splendid 17c manor house and a scattering of other dwellings in this remote, but very beautiful, part of Dorset."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.





St. Osmund, Melbury Osmond with Melbury Sampford
"This is a very interesting church in a delightful village....... There seems to have been a church here since Domesday."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.





St. Michael and All Angels, Rampisham
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.





St. Basil, Toller Fratrum
"This is a tiny chapel style building standing in its own graveyard beside a lovely 16c farm house."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.





St. Mary, Wraxall
"This captivating little building must certainly be one of the smaller churches in Dorset."
Click here for Dorset Historic Churches page.


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