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A Directory of Terms

(A bit of fun)

ABC Archbishops’ Council

Body with oversight of ministry matters in the Church of England

ABM Advisory Board for Ministry

Now known as a Bishop’s Advisory Panel (BAP). You may still hear this term used

ACCM Advisory Council for the Church’s Ministry

Previous name for ABM (see above). Before that there was CACTM but that’s so long ago

that no-one can remember what it stood for!

AD Archdeacon

                                                 ADDO Associate Diocesan Director of Ordinands

The ADDO works collaboratively with the DDO (Diocesan Director of Ordinands)

AEC Assessment at the End of Curacy

A national process of assessment by which Dioceses ‘sign off’ those in IME at the end of

year 7 enabling them to take up a post under Common Tenure

APL Accreditation of Prior Learning

Academic credit awarded retrospectively for learning previously undertaken

APEL Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning

Academic credit awarded retrospectively for experiential learning or learning ‘on the job’

previously undertaken

ASB Alternative Service Book

1980 prayerbook containing various services. Eventually replaced by Common Worship and

no longer authorised for use in the Church of England

BAP Bishops’ Advisory Panel

National discernment panel which advises Bishops whether candidates are suitable to begin

training for ordained ministry

BCP Book of Common Prayer

1662 prayerbook containing various services authorised for use in the Church of England

CDM Clergy Discipline Measure

Measure under which clergy guilty of a misdemeanour can be removed from office

CMD Continuing Ministerial Development

Further learning and development undertaken by ordained and lay ministers after initial

training and authorisation

CME Continuing Ministerial Education

Now known as CMD although some Dioceses continue to use the old title and you may still

hear it used by some people in our own Diocese

CME 1 – 4 Continuing Ministerial Education 1 – 4

Former name for IME 4 – 7 or IME Part 2. You may still hear some people use it

Comms Communications

Diocesan Communications Team and their work

CRB Criminal Records Bureau

Body responsible for checking prior to ordination, licensing or employment whether a person

has a criminal record

CRC Central Readers Council

National body with oversight of the training and deployment of Readers (LLMs)

CTS (or CToS) Clergy Terms of Service

Legal framework for the deployment of ordained ministers under Common Tenure which

gives ordained ministers, both stipendiary and non stipendiary, most of the same rights as


CW Common Worship

Contemporary worship resource containing services and texts for all liturgical occasions. CW

may also be used to indicate Church Warden

DAC Diocesan Advisory Committee

Subcommittee of Bishop’s Council responsible for the care of churches

DBE Diocesan Board of Education

Statutory Board responsible for the schools, children and youth ministry. The acronymns

BoE/ BofE/ BofEd are also sometimes used

DBF Diocesan Board of Finance

The Board of Finance is a registered charity and is responsible for the finance and

administrative functions of the Diocese

DDO Diocesan Director of Ordinands

Officer responsible to the Bishop for discerning vocations to ordained ministry, sending

candidates to a BAP and making recommendations regarding training of recommended

candidates and initial deployment of those to be ordained

DEC Diocesan Education Centre

Premises of the Diocesan Board of Education, located in Devizes Road

DioSec Diocesan Secretary

Person with overall responsibility for the finance and administrative functions of the Diocese

DirEd Director of Education

Person with overall responsibility for the work of the Diocesan Board of Education

DirMin Director of Ministry

Person leading a Diocesan ministry team, known in this Diocese as the Director of Learning

for Discipleship and Ministry

DRACSC Deployment, Remuneration and Conditions of Service Committee

Committee of the Archbishops’ Council responsible for these aspects of clergy deployment

Finco Finance Committee

Subcommitee of the Bishop’s Council responsible for the finances of the Diocese

FiF Forward in Faith

Campaigning group representing those who do not believe that women should be ordained

HEFCE Higher Education Funding Council for England

Body dispersing government funding to universities

HoB House of Bishops

Upper House of General Synod which also meets separately. Includes all Diocesan Bishops

and a number of elected representatives from among the Suffragan and Area Bishops

IME Initial Ministerial Education

Programme of initial formation for ordained or lay ministry, comprising 1-3 years before

ordination or licensing and 3-4 years following ordination or licensing. The years before

ordination or licensing may be referred to as IME 1 – 3 or IME Part 1. The years after

ordination or licensing may be referred to as IME 4-7 or IME Part 2

LfD Learning for Discipleship

Diocesan open access modular learning programme for interested lay learners and those

preparing for Licensed Lay Ministry (LLM) and various other forms of recognised lay ministry

LDMT Learning for Discipleship and Ministry Team

Team responsible for the ‘ministry’ functions of the Diocese including vocations, spirituality,

discernment, learning and training, continuing professional development and in service


LDMC Learning for Discipleship and Ministry Council

Subcommittee of the Bishop’s Council with oversight of the work of LDMT

LLM Licensed Lay Minister

Person trained and authorised to exercise ministry as a lay person. The majority of LLMs

were previously known as Readers and may be designated LLM(R). The focus of their

ministry is preaching, leading worship and enabling the learning of others. A very small but

growing number of LLMs exercise ministry with a different focus

LPA Lay Pastoral Assistant

Person trained and commissioned to offer a pastoral ministry within their own Christian

community, under the supervision of their incumbent

MinDiv Ministry Division

The national ministry department of the Church of England, based at Church House,


MSE Minister in Secular Employment

Ordained person exercising ministry primarily in their place of work

NSM Non Stipendiary Minister

This title is no longer used in the Diocese. Ministers without stipend are referred to as non

stipended ministers or the letters ns in lower case may be used next to their name

OLM Ordained Local Minister

This title is no longer used in the Diocese although some ministers continue to exercise, and

to be discerned for, a locally deployable form of ministry. The letters ldom in lower case may

be used to describe a locally deployable ordained minister or the ministry which they


(O)PM (Ordained) Pioneer Minister

Ordained or lay minister exercising ministry with a pioneer focus. In the case of an ordained

minister he or she is likely to have been selected for training specifically with this focus in


POT Post Ordination Training

Also known as ‘potty’ training. Long disused name for CME 1 – 4

PotOrd Potential ordinand

Candidate working with the DDO and/ or ADDO to confirm a call to ordained ministry

PTO (or PtO) Permission to Officiate

Person not holding the Bishop’s license but having permission to exercise ministry in a given

sphere, usually in their locally community under the supervision of their incumbent. Ministers

with PTO are often those who have retired from licensed ministry

RTP Regional Training Partnership

Affiliation of Dioceses and ecumenical partners for the collaborative delivery of training

SCRTP South Central Regional Training Partnership

Our own RTP comprising the Dioceses of Guildford, Portsmouth, Oxford, Salisbury and

Winchester together with the Methodist and United Reformed Churches

SpiDir Spiritual Direction/ Spiritual Director

                                                   SRI Southern Regional Institute

A longstanding affiliation of seven southern Dioceses delivering training at transition points in

ministry, currently Bath and Wells, Bristol, Guildford, Portsmouth, Oxford, Salisbury and


WATCH Women and the Church

Campaigning group which exercises a watching brief on women’s ministry in the Church of

England and works for the full inclusion of women in all three orders of ministry


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